I am happy to share with you a selection of references in the field of recruiting, which I have received throughout the past years. By founding People Investor, it is my aim to make these acquired competencies and experiences available to both clients and employees.
Oliver Panier, Founder & Managing Partner

Thanks to the cooperation with People Investor, we have already been able to successfully fill numerous consultant positions. Both we as clients and the respective applicants greatly appreciate the high level of expertise, the great commitment and the professional support. People Investor's sophisticated recruitment process, which includes goal-oriented interviews and personality assessments, enables us to hire talented and highly motivated consultants who can identify 100% with Swiss Climate and the respective position. This enables us to fill the positions sustainably and in the long term.)

With this in mind, we can highly recommend Oliver Panier and his team for their support in the search and selection process.

In recent years, we have been able to recruit good specialists through Oliver Panier, especially in the area of investment banking (trading, analysis, sales). We have greatly appreciated the cooperation, both in professional and human terms.

I look back with pleasure on several years of successful cooperation in the recruitment of specialists in investment banking (research, sales). I have come to appreciate Oliver Panier's professional and social competence.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Oliver Panier for the professional and successful cooperation. In the search for senior private bankers for our bank, Oliver demonstrated analytical skills and a good hand in the pre-selection. Through Oliver Panier, we were able to engage a promising team for the "Middle East" division. We particularly appreciate his professional competence and his efficient processes in the recruitment phase.

We are pleased to confirm that we have worked with Oliver Panier in the area of executive search. Mr Panier has proven to be a competent contact person in all areas of banking. We would particularly like to emphasise his outstanding skills in recruiting the best-qualified specialists. We can confirm that the cooperation has always been successful and extremely pleasant.

Oliver Panier supported our company in this process of recruitment at a very high level and we were able to avoid a lot of effort thanks to the excellent cooperation. After the advertisement, Mr Panier presented us with four candidates who matched our requirement profile very well. The interviews were all prepared above average and took place in a very pleasant environment. The candidates were received with appreciation and openness. We were accompanied and supported by Oliver Panier until the final decision was made. Even after the process was completed, Mr Panier continued to take an interest in whether we were satisfied with the selection of the new employee and continued to offer his support. In the always pleasant cooperation over the years, we have come to appreciate his professional competence as well as his high moral and ethical principles.

For more than 15 years, Oliver Panier has accompanied the company Diartis AG as a recruiting specialist and coach. The selection of new employees is a challenge in an SME – the right staffing of the various functions is a central key to success. In the interviews as well as in their evaluation, the character, the personal environment (context) and the vocation (calling) are examined in addition to the professional qualifications. This holistic view of the person, as well as the appreciative manner in which the interviews are conducted, enable the supervisor to – within a short period of time – obtain a comprehensive picture of the applicant. In addition to accompanying the selection process, also the supervisor's competence to carry out the different steps of the recruitment process are developed and expanded. The method, personal competence and the commitment of the mandate leader convince Diartis AG. Failures in the selection process are also part of the long-term cooperation – but, also here, Oliver Panier assumes his share of responsibility and jointly searches for the causes in order to draw the necessary conclusions. After all, he has an exciting network with many potential candidates at his disposal.

In this sense, we can highly recommend Oliver Panier and his team for support in the selection process.

The search for a new managing director was of enormous importance for the future of our very well-functioning public ambulant nursing facility (Spitex) with around 190 employees. The board decided to bring in an external partner. Not only to keep the required time manageable and establish the necessary neutrality, but also to guarantee a professionally ideal evaluation. As president and person in charge, it was important for me to find someone in whom I could have full confidence. I found this person in Oliver Panier. His ethical principles also correspond with the social commitment of an ambulant nursing facility. Through him, I felt relieved in the finding process and supported where necessary, with any liberty of design. His experience, as well as that of his team, came to full fruition during the interviews with the applicants – and at the end the right choice was made, which was most important for us.

When we were looking for new employees, Oliver Panier helped us find the right people and put them in the right place. This brought us more success and the employees more satisfaction!

Mr Panier advised us competently throughout, was always a good conversational partner with his affable manner and knew how to keep calm even in difficult situations. He took time for discussions, was always there with good advice and was able to answer difficult questions prudently and clearly. We are happy to recommend him in our search for suitable employees.

We look back with great gratitude and satisfaction on the short but intensive mentoring and coaching period (during the recruitment phase) with Oliver Panier. He understood how to translate our wishes and needs into actions and let them be followed by deeds, which always found a fruitful connection at the right time and also with the right people.

The entire recruitment process ran to our complete satisfaction. We were informed about individual steps at all times. All deadlines were met and were optimally coordinated for us.

We were impressed by Oliver Panier's professional support during the recruitment process for a new logistics manager. We found it very helpful that we could obtain the services in a modular way. He complemented our preliminary work in an ideal way and we were able to fill the vacant position to our full satisfaction. We are happy to recommend Mr Panier in the field of 'professional recruitment'.