People Diagnostics


Every person is individual and unique. Various diagnostic procedures give us a better idea of the individual value system, a fit with the corporate culture and personal strengths. Thus, people can be supported accordingly, and an individual Purpose Profile can be developed.

We have broad experience with various tools, but we have decided to work with this selection. In individual cases we also involve other tools.


Profiling Values

The value-based testing method profilingvalues® helps you understand the capabilities of employees, what they want, and how you can bring their dormant potential to life. Profilingvalues is based on the findings of modern value studies by Robert S. Hartman, a German-American value scientist (1910-1973). He developed the Hartman Value Profile (HVP), which objectively measures a person's 'inner' values.
Profilingvalues meets all quality requirements for a scientific psychological test procedure.
The competency scales of profilingvalues have been scientifically validated many times over. The method has been cross-checked against other testing approaches.



permOt is a scientifically grounded, online-based personality test with a special focus on motivational aspects. It brings together personality concepts with different focuses and, thanks to this multi-perspective view, has a high informative value for private and professional questions.


MIS von persolog®

The Employee Integration System MIS by persolog® is a tool for aligning value and corporate culture.