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Oliver Panier
Founder & Board Member

My passion is to help people find their calling and to grow in it. This has fulfilled me for over 20 years and is the main reason why I started People Investor with like-minded partners.

Samuel Zurbrügg
Partner & Chairman

Managing Director of a producer cooperative in the food industry and entrepreneurship consultant specializing in sustainable strategy and digital transformation. He holds a degree in Business Administration (Swiss HWV) and completed a Corporate Executive Program at INSEAD. He also acts as a lecturer for corporate strategy in a postgraduate program for corporate management and is a guest speaker at leadership seminars.

Treat your employees the way you want them to treat your most important customers. As Chairman of the Board and Partner at People Investor, I have the opportunity to promote this credo.

Prof. Dr. Georges Grivas

Board Member

Professor for Digital Business and Innovation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. After his studies and doctorate in computer science at the ETH Zurich and his management training at the University of Zurich, he took on various management positions in the financial industry. Among other things, he headed IT strategy at Credit Suisse and business strategy at Raiffeisen. His focus is on digital business innovation, digital and crypto finance, and blockchain. He is head of the MAS Digital Business Management and the MAS Business Intelligence university programs and he is responsible for the Swiss Digital Finance Conference.

In the new digital world, it is often forgotten what a decisive role the digital skills of managers and specialists will play. Because of my job, I am constantly getting to know many personalities whose skills were geared to the old analog world. Aligning the skills and talents of these personalities to the new digital world fascinates me again and again.

Matthias Böhning

Board Member

Managing Director of PIRON Global Development, an agency for project management, fundraising, consultancy and communication with offices in Germany (Bonn, Berlin) and Ghana (Accra), which consults and accompanies clients in international development cooperation, humanitarian aid and faith-based charitable work. He has an academic background in development economics and business administration and studied in Hohenheim / Germany and Stellenbosch / South Africa. In the past ten years he has held various positions in the field of international cooperation in Europe and Africa. In addition, he is director of the Sustainability Center of the World Evangelical Alliance and permanent representative of the World Evangelical Alliance to the United Nations in Bonn / Germany, which is the UN global sustainability center.

Real transformation can succeed when the right people are in the right positions. Then both the individual and the organization flourish. I am excited that with its 5-C model People Investor has found an approach to “crack this nut” and to break new ground in recruiting. The most effective investments in sustainability are investments in employees with a solid and convincing sustainability mindset.

Dream Team Staff

Anna Löwen
Culture and Client Touchpoint Managerin

Innovative concepts and corporate cultures are Anna’ passion. The combination of theory and practice with the transformative power of new approaches inspires her. As Culture & Customer Touchpoint Manager, she focuses on every internal and external encounter with People Investor.

Oliver Panier
Managing Partner, Mentor, Chief Relationship Officer & Senior value based Recruiter

Oliver directs People Investor and forms the Dream Team. He is a passionate mentor and promoter who generously leverages his extensive network of relationships. As a senior relationship officer and bridge builder, Oliver opens doors and builds strategic partnerships.

Anita Kämpf
Reception Officerin

In her role as a Reception Officer, Anita is an important part of the team. At the Bern location, all threads come together with her and she makes every visit to the office an experience. With her as a receptionist, the external telephone calls come straight to the right place and are handled competently.

Dirk Wahlandt
Head of People Development and Team Performance

Timon Spörri

Finance Strategy and Resource Officer

Daniel Ruggaber
Agility Officer - Relationship Manager Germany

Daniel loves it when things are in motion and ideas and concepts are put into practice. In his role, he acts as the interface between various experts from the community, aiming to optimize internal and external processes and to align People Investor in a lean and powerful way.

Juerg Hostettler
Chief Holistic Brand Advisor

As a communications expert, influencer and height performer, Juerg is an excellent ambassador for People Investor. He is a virtuoso on the keyboard of various communication channels. With his perspective, his network and his drive, he makes People Investor visible to the outside world and multiplies our Purpose Driven Community.

Laurin Binger
Project Management & Digitalization Expert

Laurin drives key strategic projects and serves as a sparring partner concerning digitalization issues. In doing so, he is key in unleashing the Dream Team and taking People Investor to the next level.

Joris Schwarzenbach

Whether hardware or software, consulting or support – ICT topics of all kinds fascinate Joris. He loves tackling challenges and solving problems. With his finesse as an expert in the field of information technology, he lays the technical foundation so that People Investor can realize their vision.

Dream Team Ghana

Ebenezer Asumang
Branch Manager

Ebenezer is a dynamic, motivated, and well-grounded change agent with a passion for attaining the unachievable through creativity, analysis, and collaboration. Entrepreneurial and commercially astute, he has extensive experience and verifiable track record of achievements in retail & business banking, Project Management, NGO work and the Media landscape. He is a Sustainability crusader with specialty in change management, business strategy, people management, strategic relationship management, communication & negotiations, and transformational leadership. He has an MA in Development Communication and MBA in Finance.

Peninnah Osei-Poku
Office Manager

Peninnah is a highly intuitive and assiduous individual with a determination to strive for continuous excellence. Her ardent curiosity enables her to strive well on challenges and contribute positively to solving problems in society. She has a BA in Social Sciences.

Bennet Niemann
Project Manager

Bennet is fascinated by impact-oriented entrepreneurship and sustainable business models. He believes that people who are connected to their purpose are key in shaping a society, oriented towards the common good. His special interest is to contribute to an international community of such value driven people and to foster exchange and mutual learning. He is a candidate for BA, International Business with special focus on Intercultural Management.

Co-Founders & Partners

Dirk Wahlandt
Member of the Management Ream at Jobfactory, Mental Coach and Personality Trainer at FC Basel

Successful companies invest successfully by purposefully selecting employees, and by promoting and involving them sustainably. This will be a decisive competitive factor in the future. And this is exactly where People Investor operates and where I can contribute my Backbone Coaching approach as well as my experience and expertise.

Beat Hohermuth
CEO and Owner of Diartis AG

Finding the right employees, developing, challenging, and retaining them is one of the most important recipes for a company's success. That's why I believe in People Investor's mission to create a sustainable match between professionals and a company.

Daniel Ruggaber
Sales Manager in the family business RUWI GmbH

People have the greatest leverage and, for me, they are the best investment. When people find their right place and blossom in their potential, incredible things are possible. As a partner at People Investor, I can live and share this passion.

Michael Seibert
Entrepreneur, Fiduciary Expert, Management Consultant, Owner and Member of the Board of Directors

I enjoy sharing my inspiring but also sometimes challenging experiences with other people and am happy to support entrepreneurs in their calling. I love empowering people, accompanying startup ventures, and helping to shape the economy and society in a sustainable way as a People Investor partner.

Christoph Enderli
Entrepreneur, Marketing Specialist
and Co-Owner FE Agentur AG

My most important and sustainable investments are those in my employees, in the people around me and in my network. This is why I identify with and support the vision of People Investor as a partner.

Jochen Beck
Diploma in Business Administration, Personnel Manager and Consultant

Drawing on my extensive experience as a human resources manager and consultant, I have been accompanying people in challenging life situations for many years. Thereby, it is key to empower people to find their calling and to rather focus on the individual than on a problem. That is why I am involved as a partner with People Investor.

Lukas Flückiger
Entrepreneur, Founder, School Director and Specialist for Change Management, Leadership Development and Intercultural Skills

In all major changes, the members of the Dream Team are the decisive pillars. I am involved as a partner with People Investor to help as many companies as possible to find the right pearls and to place them in a suitable position.

Simon Holdener
Athletic Trainer, Performance Specialist and Entrepreneur

Sport and movement inspire me in my life. In 2010, I turned my enthusiasm into a profession and founded the company Pure Sport. In addition, my many years of experience in top-level sport have taught me crucial things and shaped me deeply: concentration, discipline and teamwork. To pass on the best to the customer and athlete in every joint activity motivates me every day anew. The holistic approach of 'vocation as a lifestyle' inspires me at People Investor.

Advisory Board

Dr. Johann Kornelsen
Entrepreneur, Leadership Consultant and Companion

I am involved with People Investor out of conviction! There is hardly anything more powerful than a trusting community which strives to join business partners, customers and employees in developing business and careers for the benefit of people and society. I stand behind People Investor's high standards of integrity. This is the basis for a successful culture of cooperation and an environment in which the right people will make a lot of things happen together.

Markus Liechti
MBA, Head of Business Development and Digitalization, Flight Captain

The team of People Investor is aiming to give people more than a new job and to provide companies with something more valuable than human resources. I am very happy to contribute to this mission because I experience how People Investor itself lives up to it.

Tobias Grimm
Self-employed Graphic Designer and Multimedia Producer

Creative processes only come alive through togetherness. That’s why, for me, encounters and relationships are the greatest resource of the creative industries. I am fascinated by the story behind the obvious and beneath the surface. People in the spotlight – a central vision that I share with People Investor.

Marc Gottwald
Entrepreneur, Specialist for Sustainability Management & Social Media

Sustainability in a company is a very multifaceted topic. Not only ecological and financial sustainability counts, but social sustainability is also just as important for a company. People Investor has recognized this because employees are the backbone of a company. Since I share and live the vision 100%, I am happy to be involved in the area of sustainability.

David Hug
Dipl. Betriebsökonom FH, Entrepreneur, Member of the Board of Directors

More than 10 years ago I was allowed to experience such an "investment" myself - one of the most decisive directions for my professional and personal development. It is a pleasure for me not only to cultivate this leverage within my own sphere of influence, but to promote it more broadly through the connection with People-Investor.

Urs Klingler

CEO & Managing Partner von klingler consultants ag, Compensation & Performance Experts


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